January 5, 2006

The Beginning

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I have went back and started looking at some of the major issues of having a HTML based website, including some of the following:

    • Constant updating of menu scripts for EACH area of website
    • Lack of information from some faculty and project areas
    • Ease of use for Webmaster and updateability for staff/faculty
    • Ease of Community use and ability to find information quickly
    • Ability to upgrade look of site WITHOUT having to redo every page

I believe that the use of blogs for content pages would eliminate several of these issues.

    1. If implemented correctly, the blogs would allow staff to update information in their areas at ANY time they choosed so long as they had access.
    2. No writing of templates for HTML
    3. No required education in a fancy HTML editor i.e. Dreamweaver, Frontpage
    4. Blogs that are RSS compatible would allow community and users to search for information and “subscribe” to blogs that matter to them… allowing them to receive information as it is updated rather than users having to visit the site to search pages for new information.
    5. The ability to archive information on the site and search by catagories and by date.
    6. Built-in menu abilities that can be easily updated from one source.

Understandably, more research into installation and maintenance of a site with blogs needs to be done.  Currently I am using the WordPress software and site for this page.  Advantages of this software is that it is freeware (no license fee) and it has a large community of users and resources…

Will post more as I learn more…


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